Category Stone Restoration

Granite Counter Replacement
Damaged Granite
Repaired Granite

Granite counter needs help! This granite counter top has been damaged due to the rusting of the iron rodding under the stone. A piece of the granite was removed in order to replace and repair this counter top. Granite fabrication involves polishing the stone with diamond abrasives for a smooth finish and installing to match the existing counter.  This granite counter top is looking good once again!

Etched Marble Bath
Etched Marble Bath
Marble Bath After

Etched marble needs repair! A shampoo bottle was left in the top, left corner of this marble bath tub leaving a lighter appearance where acid hit. Etching occurs when an acidic product is left on the surface of a stone and slowly reacts with the calcium carbonate, eating away at the marble. This marble bath needed to be diamond honed and polished in order to bring the stone back to life. It is like the etch was never there! This marble bath has luster once again!

Outdoor Stamped Concrete Refinishing
Stamped Concrete After

Stamped Concrete needs some work! Outdoor concrete can easily lose its luster because of elements like sun and rain. This concrete was stripped with diamond abrasives down to its most natural state before it was cleaned. Once stripped and cleaned, the stamped concrete was thoroughly  sealed to assure longer protection from nature’s elements. This backyard looks more stunning than ever!

Dirty Paver Restoration
Pavers before
Pavers after

Dirty pavers need restoration! Every day wear and tear can leave pavers in need of some major work. Pavers are a fragile tile usually composed of clay. Stripping will take place first to bring the tiles down to their basic form. Hand-cleaning and sealing was the next step in this stone restoration. Once all the steps are complete you can see the difference. This floor is a beauty!

Granite Stone Repair
Granite Before Repair
Stone After Repair

During construction a bay window was installed into this kitchen. A crack formed in the granite after a few years of settling and was in need of stone repair. This stone repair was performed by applying adhesives, stone chips, and color in order to match up  to the existing stone counter top. This granite counter now looks great!