Granite Polishing

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Polish your granite surfaces!

Granite Polishing – polish your granite countertops, showers and floors!

When you need granite polishing, turn to the experts at ProTech Tile, Stone & Carpet Cleaning.  Our hands on professionals will work to provide exceptional service, backed by quality and experience.  Let our staff take care of every detail.

Granite polishing can be a tricky task.  There are many contractors who use a simple crystallizing agent on the floor that looks great for a couple of months and then it slowly eats away at the granite’s composite.  For granite polishing, our skilled craftsmen polish and restore your surface to its best possible finish.  We are a company, backed by our professional expertise, in business since 1988. 

ProTech is a company that offers professionalism, from start to finish. For your granite polishing needs, ProTech Tile, Stone & Carpet Cleaning is here to serve.  We service Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, West Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas.  It is important to rely on a company backed by professionalism and dedication, a company that you can trust, like ProTech. 

Granite is a relatively soft stone, made of naturally occurring minerals, consisting of calcite, dolomite and many others.  It comes in a variety of colors and when highly polished, granite can be brought back to its original shine and luster.  We’re here to work for you, with quick and efficient results. For granite floor polishing and restoration you won’t be disappointed with the quality offered by ProTech.  Our Professional granite polishers get the job done to your satisfaction or you won’t pay a dime. 

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