Granite Counter Sealing

This is dedicated to all of those who believe that granite sealing is required every year.  If you have a polished granite counter, you may be surprised to hear that it may not need sealing.  It is true that there are many stones that need to be stoned, but a polished granite counter may survive for many years with no sealer at all.  Keep in mind not all granite is created equal – if yours is susceptible to being porous you should definitely seal it, however in many cases, especially in some of the darker stones, a polished granite top will have a natural surface tension that will not allow water or other contaminates to penetrate.  Test your granite counter be letting water set on it for an hour.  After an hour does it still bead like it would on a freshly waxed car?  If so, wipe it away.  Is there a dark spot or any other indication of absorbency?  If not, you may elect to leave your granite counter tops unsealed.  Seal Granite tops when they are absorbent or porous!