Granite Refinishing

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Completey refinish your granite surfaces!

Granite Refinishing – refinish your granite countertops & floors!

Granite refinishing is another way that the professionals at ProTech Tile, Stone & Carpet Cleaning are here to assist you. Our hands on professionals will work to provide exceptional service, backed by quality and experience.  Let our staff take care of every detail.

Granite has a natural texture; however, normal cleaning methods and household cleaners do not offer a deep cleaning into the pores of the stone.  By using professional strength solutions to clean your granite slabs, granite tiles and granite pavers, we will remove normal household dirt that accumulates.  Granite, over time, accumulates dirt. When that happens, you need a company backed by professionalism and dedication, a company that you can trust, like ProTech.  Scratches, stains, etch marks and other blemishes need to be removed to resurface the deep luster and high gloss of the granite.  Using a sealant as part of the granite refinishing will strengthen the stone’s ability to resist future dirt and stains.

For granite refinishing, turn to a company that you can trust, like ProTech.  We service Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, West Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas. We are a granite refinishing company in business since 1988. We’re here to work for you, with quick and efficient results. Our professional get the job done to your complete satisfaction, or you won’t pay a dime. ProTech Tile, Stone & Carpet Cleaning is a company that offers professionalism, from start to finish.  For granite refinishing, contact the professionals at ProTech Tile, Stone & Carpet Cleaning.

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