Dirty Shower Clean and Seal

Dirty tile shower needs clean and seal! Grime and mold can easily take over your shower causing it to lose its luster. Tile and grout cleaning is the effective way to take care of the pesky dirt and mold showers can accumulate from daily use. The grout and tile in this shower was cleaned and sealed. Now it looks sparkly and new!


Shower Before
After Clean and Seal
Dirty Paver Restoration
Pavers before
Pavers after

Dirty pavers need restoration! Every day wear and tear can leave pavers in need of some major work. Pavers are a fragile tile usually composed of clay. Stripping will take place first to bring the tiles down to their basic form. Hand-cleaning and sealing was the next step in this stone restoration. Once all the steps are complete you can see the difference. This floor is a beauty!

Granite Stone Repair
Granite Before Repair
Stone After Repair

During construction a bay window was installed into this kitchen. A crack formed in the granite after a few years of settling and was in need of stone repair. This stone repair was performed by applying adhesives, stone chips, and color in order to match up  to the existing stone counter top. This granite counter now looks great!

Stone Counter Repair
Before glue removal
After stone repair

During renovation a cabinet fixture was removed from this granite counter top. A deep set glue was covering the surface and needed to be removed. First, the glue was stripped off the stone counter and honed. Polishing and sealing are the final steps in the stone counter repair process. Stone repair is a great option for stone surfaces that are cracked or discolored too. This granite counter top is shiny and ready for use!

Tile Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

This is a ceramic tile floor that has been robbed of its luster due to layers of dirt sitting on the floor’s surface. Tile and grout cleaning is performed with our pressure washing equipment that picks up dirt and grime that everyday household cleaning tools cannot. This state of the art pressure washing technique removes the trapped dirt on your ceramic tile floor and grout, leaving no mess or over spray. Grout and tile cleaning is a non-restoration maintenance that can leave your ceramic tile looking better than ever.

Granite Counter Polishing

This bathroom counter was in pretty good shape but had lost a little luster and had a few chips in the edge.  A light compound polishing brought the surface to a high glossy shine and adhesives were color matched to correct the chipped areas.  Sometimes all you need is a stone maintenance, not a full restoration.  This job took about an hour and what a difference it made for our customer.

Clean Tumbled Travertine Floor

This is a travertine floor that we cleaned using our pressure washing system.  No restoration was done – only removal of the dingy deep down dirt that no brush or mop can reach.  This tumbled travertine floor is cleaner than the day it was installed.

Onyx Counter Repair
Onyx Counter Repair Before

Onyx Counter Repair Before

Onyx Counter Repair After

Onyx Counter Repair After

This is an Onyx Island that has been etched by an acidic beverage being placed directly on the stone. Our team provides stone restoration service that can bring back luster to even the most sensitive counters. We use diamond abrasive pads to correctly restore stone counters to a crystal clear level of clarity. After diamond honing and polishing this Onyx stone surface, the etched ring has been removed and the stone is back to a shiny, new state.

Stone Sink Repair
Stone Sink Repair Before

Travertine Sink Before

Stone Repair

Travertine Sink After

Here we have a carved travertine stone sink. After years of cooking in the kitchen you can see all of the dirt and grime that has contributed to developing holes like the ones in this travertine. Stone Restoration is the best way to bring travertine back through proper and careful stone restoration techniques. After our team cleaned, honed, and filled the holes of this travertine stone sink it is ready to be used like new once again!

Marble Polishing Stone Restoration

BEFORE Marble Polishing

AFTER Marble Polishing

This is a cost effective resurrection of a marble floor.  A simple diamond marble polish can complete restore your marble floor in only a few hours.  Notice the clarity of the reflection of the recessed lighting.  Count on us for professional stone restoration!