Paver Stripping

BEFORE Paver Stripping

AFTER Paver Stripping

This paver floor is brand new, but the contractor had trouble with the final finish and this is how it looked after they tried to strip the botched paver sealer.  We had to completely strip the rest of the stain and sealer from the pavers.  Afterwards, a new stain and topical sealer was applied.  The owners elected to take this opportunity to improve the final color also.  Be sure to have a professional handle the sealing of your paver installation and get it right the first time and avoid having to strip pavers.

Slate Floor Stripping

BEFORE Sealer Stripping

AFTER Sealer Stripping

This slate floor has obviously been waxed for a few years and is in need of stone refinishing.  It looks as though whoever waxed it forgot to clean it first? The owner has had enough and wanted to strip and re-seal this beautiful slate.  We used a high pH stripper…a couple of time to remove all of the old coating and resealed the floor with a high quality topical stone sealer.  The key is to fully remove all of the existing coating and thoroughly clean the floor prior to applying a new floor finish.

Concrete Sealing

DURING Concrete Cleaning

DURING Concrete Cleaning

First Coat Concrete Topical Sealer

DURING Concrete Sealer

AFTER Concrete Sealer

We just completed concrete sealing for this local historic building.  The owner wanted nothing changed with the floor, refusing to allow us to grind, hone or polish the concrete.  He liked the idea of leaving all of the years of paint, stains and damage in the surface, but wanted a concrete floor that would be more easily maintained in a retail environment.  We quickly scrubbed and pressure washed the floor and then applied a high quality solvent acrylic concrete coating.  Yes, there are much better products to use, but this is a cost effective product that will fare fine in a residential or light commercial environment – at least with some education.  In the end it looks pretty good too!

Tile Cleaning

Today, we performed a basic tile cleaning service.  This tile has not been professionally cleaned in 12 years and there was a deep down grime in the grout lines.  We used an industrial strength high pH cleaner and of course our high pressure, hot water extraction wand.  This process is performed quickly and without stress or damage to the surrounding baseboards, walls or carpet.  We were able to complete  about 600 sq. ft. of this flooring in less than 3 hours from start to finish.  Call NuTech Floor today for the best tile cleaning service.

Tile Cleaning VenturaProfessional Tile Cleaning

Granite Counter Sealing

This is dedicated to all of those who believe that granite sealing is required every year.  If you have a polished granite counter, you may be surprised to hear that it may not need sealing.  It is true that there are many stones that need to be stoned, but a polished granite counter may survive for many years with no sealer at all.  Keep in mind not all granite is created equal – if yours is susceptible to being porous you should definitely seal it, however in many cases, especially in some of the darker stones, a polished granite top will have a natural surface tension that will not allow water or other contaminates to penetrate.  Test your granite counter be letting water set on it for an hour.  After an hour does it still bead like it would on a freshly waxed car?  If so, wipe it away.  Is there a dark spot or any other indication of absorbency?  If not, you may elect to leave your granite counter tops unsealed.  Seal Granite tops when they are absorbent or porous!

Stone Cleaning

Didn’t think you needed stone cleaning?  Here’s a job that we cleaned recently.  The pebble stone really didn’t look that bad until we started blasting.  Just goes to show you what is really living on your floor.  Try doing that with a brush!  Professional high pressure steam cleaning is the solution.